Current project: PPE4ALL

Founded in March 2020, PPE4ALL was created to provide personal protective equipment to essential workers, vulnerable populations, and others in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. PPE4ALL is an organization of inspired college students, dedicated community members, and generous donors who join forces and strategize how to make, procure, and deliver PPE across the United States. Using this grass roots and community organized model, PPE4ALL has supplied over 30,000 pieces of PPE to over 150 organizations.

About us.

PWR4, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that seeks to address supply chain infrastructure issues using a community based approach, connecting stakeholders with the vital resources they need to thrive in the face of obstacles. As a decentralized network of leaders and innovators, we seek to sponsor initiatives designed to bolster access to essentials, and provide the tools they need to carry out their mission. With this objective in mind, PWR4, Inc. focuses on many initiatives simultaneously, using the community, technology, and infrastructure we have fostered to serve as a major catalyst for change. We are taking the impact our initiatives have to another level.

Core values

  • Empower

    Create value through corporate partnerships, tax exempt software solutions, and donation/impact tracking.

  • Accelerate

    Fund, support, and consult early stage nonprofits. Market and distribute brand through established channels.

  • Unite + Connect

    Help donors envision their philanthropic impact by linking them with a community of givers.


How we are currently changing the world.

  • 20,000+ PPE Produced
  • 75,000+ PPE Donated
  • $693,000+ Donations
  • 25,000+ Site Visits
  • 204+ Volunteers

Get in contact.

We are always looking for new partners as we continue to change the world of philanthropy to be more accessible and transparent.